So the documentary on Dare to be Digital 2010 has finally aired. For those of you that don’t know me I took part in Dare last year although you may not know that from watching as I don’t appear very much in the programme.

It’s a well put together documentary and it’s good that Abertay University and the Dundee game industry in general are getting the press they deserve. Dare to be Digital was probably the best summer I’ve ever had and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in game development.

Unfortunately when watching it I felt they were slightly overstating the fact that, “Gamers aren’t geeks! Honestly, no really, they’re not geeks!”

It kind of feels like they are contradicting themselves through this repetitive statement. I think the world has already accepted that being a gamer doesn’t make you a geek!

Anyway, it’s worth a watch if you want to know a wee bit about Dare and it’s up on 4OD now.