New microphone :-)

Since leaving uni I’ve been feeling the pain of not have a whole room full of recording kit available at my disposal. While I was at uni I loved going out to collect nature sounds using a Rycote windshield and Sennheiser ME66 shotgun for some nice wind-protected directional location recording. Unfortunately my wee SE4 Cardiods don’t have quite the same directionality. Fortunately I’ve been saving for a new piece of kit and have recently treated myself to a birthday present. The Rode NTG-3 short shotgun!

Not only does it have a narrower polarity and wider frequency response than the ME66 or other mics of its price range, but it’s also more weather proof. I saw this as something worth spending the extra quids for as my favourite recordings often involve going into the sticks where weather can be unpredictable and shelter thin on the ground. As well as this, it’s pretty damn sexy. Very happy birthday me!



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