First version nearly ready

Just a quick update. It’s been a busy month since my last post! I’ve now implemented offline map tiles using a MapBox Tilemill project. Though there will be an option down the line to choose between offline and online, currently I’ve just got the offline Glasgow Uni campus tiles up. As well as this, I’ve also implemented functionality whereby the user can select buildings from the table view and plot them on the table view as well as being able to change the user tracking mode. Once I had this down I went back and improved a lot of the data as well as fixing lots of wee bugs to do with users being outside bounds etc.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 Jul 2013 17.10.27 iOS Simulator Screen shot 14 Jul 2013 17.10.14

After finishing this functionality I figured that the app is at the stage where it does at least something useful (albeit simple). So I decided to go about the process of getting things set up for testing and in turn, the AppStore. I implemented the HockeySDK so I can receive crash reports (among other things) from beta testers and users. After doing this I went through the slightly painful process of getting everything sorted for AppStore submission (realising how many things I’d done wrongly and had to change before I got there!).

Anyway, last night I finally got it submitted and it is is the reviews stage after which the first release will be available! I’m looking forward to getting stuck into more user facing features after a week of not much on that front.

Along with the aforementioned app-related stuff, I also found time to go on holiday with my girlfriend to Berlin. It’s been a long process since September and I feel I deserved it! As well as that I’ve been in the process of a few job applications. Hopefully I’ll have that side of things tied off before long and I can go head-on into full concentration on my project for the rest of the summer.